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Welcome to John Giunta's Urban Education Website!


Is there enough technology in Urban Education?
I have an opinion...Do you have one?


I Challenge you to explore my website and contribute your opinion...


I feel that...
Part of the learning process is being exposed to other views and vantage points.



Instructions to the challenge:
Go to the following Links.
Open-mindedly observe the opinions and/or data.
Return to my website and submit your opinion in my GuestBook.






The following links lead to the best websites that are opinionated and topical.


Website 1:  This Website argues that there are more important things to be spending public funding
                         on than computers.

roofram.gif (10832 bytes)  





Website 2:  This Site contains research material and other archives related to Urban and Minority                            Education.

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Website 3:  This Link is devoted to the support of Urban Communities, schools, and other groups.                        

                           usi.gif (4401 bytes)




Website 4:  This is the Council of Great City Schools website.  It contains an extensive collection of
                          press releases and other archives that deal with Urban Education.

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