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My opinion on Technology in Urban Education

Basic needs must be met in Urban schools first and foremost.   At the same time, we are entering a new era with ubiquitous technology being integrated into education.  Technology effects our everyday lives more and more as time advances.  Should children in urban schools be left behind?

I feel that once basic classroom needs are met, technology should be upgraded and provided so that each student can use, fully understand, and appreciate the technology that will effect each and every one of their futures.

We can all agree upon the importance of technology, so we should make it a priority in our schools.  If schools can not afford to provide computers, then every effort should be made to contact corporations that would be willing to work with the schools as community partners. 

Technology is an investment in everyone's best interest.   The children are our future, and they should be prepared to adequately face life in the new millennium.


~John Giunta 

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