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I'd like to thank Ms. Watts' 3rd grade class at Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey.  As part of my community service for the Seton Hall University Educational Opportunity Program, I began working with these children in September.  After fulfilling my required hours, I continue to go to the class twice a week to help, observe, and learn. 



Mt. Vernon is an "Urban School".  Many of the children live near each other, and have close bonds and fellowship with one another.  Many people picture Urban Schools as numbers or statistics.  While working there, you learn that they are more than numbers; They are people.  People with names, hopes, and dreams like children that attend any other school or have resources and opportunities that many of them do not.

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               Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey.




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                  Students gather for a picture.




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                                    Group Work.



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                                The Big Kid is me helping Jekel with Math.

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