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This site has links to some of my favorite and least favorite Bands/Groups of all time...Please feel free to click on the images to be taken to what I have found to be the greatest sites for these musicians.....




                      Run DMC

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                     Stone Temple Pilots

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    October 26th,1999..... will be in stores...
after all these years...Finally...Do they still have "it"...I think so...and I can't wait to find out...They are the greatest band of our time(depending on how old you are), without a doubt...Scott Weiland has had his jail time, drug addiction, and his solo album "12 bar blues"...more like 12 seconds of fame with a David Bowie Song
(It was still better than that whole "Talk Show" incident...)...But Hey, we all make mistakes...So, check out the link for concert/tour info., archives, music, everything affiliated with the band other than drugs and Courtney Love.










This next guy needs no introduction.............


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What is a Music Page without a Frank Sinatra Link?
This Link will take you to a page with numerous archives
and links to Sinatra Family Websites...Do yourself a favor and check it out...


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                                    Word to YOUR Motha


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Hi!!! I Need Work........



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So do we..........


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                          John Tesh

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                                                                            Got Milk?






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