The John N. Giunta Memorial Scholarship is an award for a student who exhibits good moral character, integrity, an appreciation for multiculturalism, and a sense of devotion to the community.

     Intended for those majoring in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Social Work, or other relevant fields.

     Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or greater.

     Students must demonstrate involvement in extracurricular, volunteer, and community service activities.

     An essay topic will be given each year as an application requirement.

     Some students will be selected to attend an interview with members of a review board.

Students Applying for the John N. Giunta Memorial Scholarship should provide the following:

         A concise description of high school involvement, which should include the grade point average, SAT score, clubs and activities, colleges/universities of intent, and intended major.

         A high school transcript.

         One letter of recommendation (not from a family member) detailing the relationship to and qualification of the applicant.

         An essay of no more than 1,200 words on "The person or event that had the most influence on my choice of college major and lifelong goal development.  The essay should give a comprehensive description of the person or event, and discuss the attributes that the applicant has developed as a result of it.